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The Lendahl lab

Our laboratory is interested in the Notch signaling pathway and its role in cellular differentiation in health and disease.

We focus on the molecular mechanisms underpinning Notch signaling, both with regard to the core signaling pathway and the roles of various Notch accessory proteins that modulate Notch signaling. An important focus of the laboratory is to understand how Notch signaling is integrated with other major signaling pathways, and we work on cross-talk between Notch and BMP/TGF-beta, Notch and Wnt, and Notch and cellular hypoxia. In the latter project, we address the consequences of the cross-talk both in stem cells and tumor cells. Finally, we explore how Notch controls differentiation in various stem/progenitor cell types, with a particular focus on ES cells, myogenic progenitors and vascular smooth muscle cells.

Please see our new animation of the Notch signaling pathway

We have recently produced an animation of the key steps in the Notch signaling pathway. This animation was made in Minecraft (a game incidentally created by Marcus “Notch” Persson in Sweden) and as our lab is quite international we have generated versions with speaker texts in several different languages. To test the animation in Swedish, German and Cantonese.